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I Hear You is the ultimate communication guide for healthy, loving relationships, written by counselor, Peter E. Dooley.

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About I Hear You

I Hear You is the married couple’s resource for a healthy, loving relationship. By utilizing Peter’s proven communication model, couples learn about healthy dialogue and how to avoid the cancerous words that create division, and can ultimately lead to divorce. These fundamental principles work to strengthen interpersonal relationships in all settings. Recognizing the patterns that contaminate one’s relationship is important; replacing those patterns with healthy alternatives is imperative.

I Hear You works to expose the pitfalls of ineffective communication and uncover simple tools for establishing respectful alternatives.


The value of root cause analysis
The art of clearly expressing emotions
The power of validation
The measure of your displayed insensitivity
The devastating effects of anxiety on communication
The power of taking responsibility
How to redirect divisive interactions
How to identify and transform personal weaknesses into strengths

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Peter E. Dooley, Counselor

Often quoted as a "gifted counselor" and "marriage healer", Peter shares his expertise on couples therapy, marriage counseling, and relationship building in his new book, I Hear You.

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